Update #6 – Content à la carte

So hard to find a stock photo without coffee in it.

In this shorter update, I’m going to outline the plan for my upcoming content. A good creator would have it all scheduled out and keep themselves accountable. However, I seem to have fallen into the trap of being blissfully ignorant towards my creation inertia – maybe i’ll make a schedule. Self-deprecating humor has been a staple of my media diet recently; perhaps success lies in not taking Perdix too seriously.

Anyway, without further ado & beginning with Perdix’s ‘Magikarp Used Spalsh’ series, let me break down which characters I have plans to give back stories for:

  • One of Paul Atreides’ Fremen commandos from the novel Dune Messiah.
  • The man who snaps at Miles in the F.E.A.S.T center in the Spiderman game for PS4.
  • The woman who runs past the killers at the start of the film Seven Psychopaths.
  • A backstory to a Minecraft Villager

Hyped I hope. Onto Perdix’ originals:

  • A story about a long distance romance called Trista Pena.
  • A tongue-in-cheek story about a group of pensioners that gain super-powers after an accident.
  • A horror film about memory manipulation.
  • A dark-comedy about a blue-collar worker who sells his soul to win a poker game and decides to take his enemies with him to hell.
  • A thriller, similar to Kafka’s Castle about a builder who doesn’t know what he’s building.
  • A kids movie in a similar vein to Toy Story all about a lost Penny trying to find its way back to its home purse, called COIN$.

And the criticism pieces:

  • An analysis of the Moody Blues concept albums.
  • How to effectively build a brand of personality, a will.i.am case study.

Some other collaborative projects i’m working on, that may or may not end up here, include:

  • A pilot script for a kids TV show adaptation of Nintendo’s Star Fox (Lylat Wars) series.
  • My pride and joy, the culmination of 10 years of work, a sci-fi pilot script, plot outline, treatment and supporting canon of lore called Colonies.

I’m also DM’ing a homebrew DnD campaign that has its lore centered around the Greek Pantheon, so once that’s finished (2 sessions left at the time of writing) i’ll upload that. It’s taking up quite a lot of my time.

Everything here will have it’s own dedicated post once uploaded. I hope it sounds interesting to you.




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