Update #1 – Let’s begin

This is a website showcasing the writing of Perdix, an author who, in their spare time, works on original works, as well as a series they’ve called ‘Magikarp Used Splash‘.

Perdix’s original works span multiple genres and themes from dark drama, horror thriller, optimistic sci-fi and comedy, whilst the MUS series takes a lesser-known character from existing works and fleshes them out with backstories. Hence the name, ‘Magikarp Used Splash’, a small fry can become a powerful player after a bit of work. Shout out to the main boi Gyarados.

With the fun bits over, here are some exciting disclaimers:

These works are not intended to infringe upon any copyrights, plagiarise or otherwise ‘rip-off’ other people’s work; that said, adherence to category tropes and conventions can make it seem otherwise, all work is written as a Perdix original unless otherwise referenced. Inspirational starting points are noted.  No work is intended to represent any individual person, living or dead; any such similarities are coincidental.

With the disclaimer out of the way, please dive into a story and have a read. Check out Perdix across social media, primarily Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Patreon.

Happy reading.


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